Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentijn ideeen / Valentine ideas 4U

Valentine's Day Project Ideas by Shellie

Polymer Clay - Puffy Valentine Hearts - Create a lovely piece of jewelry for someone you love
Folk Valentine Hearts - Display them around the house
Valentines Day Survival Kit - You are going to need this one
Candy Cane Hearts - Use up those left over candy canes with this fun project
Valentines Gonk - These are perfect for classrooms or office spaces, adorable and cutesie
Edible Crafts - Here is a great list of edible projects for Valentines day
Quick Valentines Kids Crafts - Set the kids up with a few supplies and watch them create
Love Wand - Cast some magical love spell with this quirky wand
Sticker Frame - This one is a little juvenile but it's still a great token of love
Jar of Hugs & Kisses - This one is made with polymer clay but you could try it with cookies
Candy Wreath - Adorn your door with the love of candy
Puzzle Wreath - You complete me!

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